Fear No Rock

ClackaCraft is a family owned business that is committed to producing a quality, comfortable and long lasting product. As the world's largest manufacturer of drift boats, we have been building quality fiberglass drift boats for over 30 years. 

Nothing beats time tested, proven methods for strong drift boat construction. Look at the ClackaCraft Guarantee: our boats are guaranteed against punctures and leaks for as long as you own it. How many ClackaCraft boats have failed over the past 30 years? Virtually none! 

Other boat manufacturers, desperate for publicity, may try to make a splash in the industry by claiming to introduce new materials or expensive add-ons to make their boats stronger. Shouldn't they have built their product strong enough in the first place? ClackaCraft does it right from the get-go. 

At ClackaCraft, rather than hyping up so called new materials or expensive add-ons to sell our boats, we instead make actual design improvements; such as our Tunnel Hull and tracking channels that improve the way the boat handles. Do these design changes work? Just call one of our Pro Staff and ask them why they have chosen ClackaCraft and stick with ClackaCraft throughout the years. We are the absolute leader in drift boat design. Just look at other drift boats. They all have flat bottoms, not tunnel hulls. At ClackaCraft, we manufacture boats with the absolute best combination of bottom width, side height, and hull design. 

Our material, manufacturing methods, and boat design work; while our guarantee and reputation prove it.